Where Do I Go from Here? (Help for Writers)

Are you puzzled about how to move forward with your writing project?

What I can do for you:

  • Identify your writing’s strengths
  • Make recommendations for further strengthening your writing
  • Suggest ways of developing and organizing (or reorganizing) your work as an essay, story, or book
  • Identify and explain grammatical errors and punctuation problems
  • Assist with both nonfiction and fiction

Prices for a detailed review of your work:

Projects of up to 10,000 words:
$0.014 per word (for example, 5,000 words x $0.014 = $70.00)

Projects of more than 10,000 words:
$0.012 per word (for example, 50,000 words x $0.012 = $600.00)

How to submit your project for review:

  1. Before making any payment, write to me on this site’s contact form.
  2. In your message, briefly describe your project and the type of feedback you would like to receive.
  3. After I respond to you with instructions, e-mail your project to me.
  4. After I notify you that I’ve accepted your project for review, use the payment button below to make your payment.
  5. Expect to receive your completed review by e-mail within three weeks of your payment.

I reserve the right to decline to review any project if I feel my skills are not appropriate for evaluating that work.  For example, I might lack the technical expertise to comment effectively on the content of a given project.

My background:

  • Speechwriter for the president and provost of a university
  • Writer and editor for college and university documents and publications
  • High school and college English teacher
  • College administrator
  • Master of Arts in English
  • Author of A Woman in Time (a memoir) and The Girl in the Leaning Tower (a novel)
  • Editor of the memoirs Paint Lick and Growing to 80
  • Author of the blog becomingaclassic.com
  • Technical advisor for two self-published authors

Payment Tab for a Detailed Writing-Project Review

After your project has been accepted for review, submit payment according to the price chart given above. Increase the quantity here as necessary to reach the required payment amount: