I travel a path through the trees,
A golden path of leaf-filtered sunlight—
The clearing lined with beauty and decay—
A trail of hidden destinations,
Lonely when walked alone
Without companions
And seemingly without belonging,
Yet when I feel love, send love,
Into the trees, the clouds, the stars, the universe,
Love shines back on me
Though fear and fatigue
Feel more tangible, more present;
I strain to see where the path is taking me
And forget sometimes where it began,
Has been;
The rain comes;
Flowers bloom and die;
I run ahead
And circle back,
Throw myself on a boulder
To wail my misery,
But when I stand again
And look within,
The light has returned
And my companions are with me
As I am with them,
And even in the moments of lightning
Striking the ground at our feet,
Even as thunder recalls us to misery
Asking concern and kindness,
Our stepping into brambles
To comfort suffering creatures
And one another, strangers and friends,
The Moon bathes us in healing warmth
And the Sun pours out its rays;
So I will continue
Following my path,
Absorbing the steps and scenes,
Including the beasts that threaten,
Along the miraculous way.

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