Becoming a Classic is a place to celebrate and enhance the passing years—hard times and joys, challenges and opportunities—through personal reflection, notable books, and new stories and poems.

The site includes entries in four categories:

  • Becoming a Classic: Aging with Grace – A blog about aging with enthusiasm, optimism, and satisfaction

    No, I haven’t yet figured out how to deserve these labels, but I’m working on it.  Through my writing I’ll be looking at what I’m doing wrong (and very occasionally right) and how I can do more to grow as I age.  I’ll be sharing my writing because you may have been wrestling with some of the same challenges that have resisted solutions for me.
    Because I love books—from the greatest classics to the most frivolous just-off-the-press fluff and everything in between—I will sometimes relate my musings to things I have read that have given me guidance or ideas, or at least suggested that my feelings and failings are not unique.  In some cases, the books and their insights will take center stage.
  • Telling Your Story – A series of short articles about writing memoirs

  • The Next Chapter in the Story – Installments of a book in progress

  • Everyday Poems – Poems about ordinary and miraculous moments

  • Already in Paperback – Posts about and links to the books I have ready to offer – On the Already in Paperback page, please also enjoy the recordings that you will find in the sidebar (or at the bottom of the page on your phone or tablet).

  • Help for Writers – Services available to the authors of fiction and nonfiction


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